Our Story

We’ve established BOUZGANDA company and its entire branches six years ago in order to bring some specialized technologies in the education sector and the internet as well as in the digital advertising sector to assist in the development of the electronic services to be in line with the industrial revolution in the countries of the world and indeed we’ve already put our fingerprint in the Omani and the outside market. Whereas, we have agreements with several International companies that have a significant impact on the international market, especially in the digital education, digital protection and VR.

Since our first steps, we’ve decided to branch in different fields to be more effective and specialized due to the successful investments of the partners. Our company is divided into four sections to invest our profits from people’s trust and from the strength of our roots to make each section concentrate in its specialized field.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of technological services with the highest possible quality

We prides itself on it’s high quality our designers who deliver only the best graphic design services.

We create inspiring IT solution with unmatched creative and technical know-how, we go to achieve excellence

We offers all things technical. You can custom tailor a package of services to fit your specific business needs.

We offer our clients highly customized starting from the definition of our customers’ around the globe.

1000000 Crossed in sales
466 Finished Projects
233Served Clients
216Happy Clients

why choose us

We committed to helping our clients reach their goals and making a difference.

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    To develop your career

    We are keep on quality performance and growth, We are on track with steady steps in providing all the work of technology and technical designs at high quality to develop your career.

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    Our future projects

    We have many projects and opportunities that will achieve sustainable growth and success, We believe that the deeper you look for your opportunity then definitely you’ll reach your goal.

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    24/7 SUPPORT

    Simply, our staff is highly diversified. Our technical work depends on the exploration and production activities run by our team who are well-known for their vast experience and outstanding achievements all the time.

Allow us to help you grow your business

Are you ready to grow your business with many qualifications ?! Contact us today to learn more about our services

Meet Our team

We have team of experts put more behind your success and offer you the best technologys.

Mohammed Alawai

Marketing Specialist

Mohammed Alawai

Marketing Specialist

Mohammed Alawai

Marketing Specialist

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What clients say

We can say whatever we want about ourselves, BUT it is what our clients say about us that really matters.

Great Customer Service! Time and quality of the work were most beneficial for our Company. You guys are a very customer-centric team always looking forward to providing the solution and resolve customer problems with ease.

hassan mathona Customer

Bouzganda Group continues to provide terrific value for money AND at the same time provide exceptional results. Thoughtful, consultative, adaptive and original all describe the process Imaginate promised and delivered.

hassan COO-Founder example.com

Bouzganda Group continues to deliver results in a way that is perfect. Flexible enough to communicate with us.

hassan mathona Manager of example

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